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Personal Contract Hire - BMW Cars listed by Model & Price

BMW Lease offers featured on this page include the i8 Coupe [374] 2dr Auto 36 months lease, the M2 Coupe M2 2dr 36 months lease, the M3 Saloon M3 4dr 36 months lease, the M4 Convertible M4 2dr 36 months lease, the M4 Coupe M4 2dr 36 months lease and the M6 Convertible M6 2dr DCT 36 months lease.

Use the tabs below to re-sort the list, switch to Business Vehicle Leasing or return to the Personal Leasing Index. To get a modified lease quote or have us contact you about one, click on the Quote link for the vehicle in the contract offers table. To get more information about leasing a vehicle not shown use the 'Lease Quote' tab. Alternatively you can call us now on 0845 094 6422 for the most competitive price. Personal Car Leasing Contracts quoted below are based on 10,000 miles per annum and an initial payment equal to 3 monthly rentals inclusive of VAT. Quotations can also be based on an initial payment equal to 6 monthly rentals.

List sorted by MODEL & PRICE Make & Model Model Details MPG (Av.) CO2 (g/km) Months Lease Lease Rental New Quote
BMW i8 BMW i8 Coupe [374] 2dr Auto 134.5 42 36 1673 Quote
BMW M2 Coupe BMW M2 Coupe M2 2dr 33.2 199 36 706 Quote
BMW M3 Saloon BMW M3 Saloon M3 4dr 31.0 209 36 870 Quote
BMW M4 Convertible BMW M4 Convertible M4 2dr 29.7 218 36 1178 Quote
BMW M4 Coupe BMW M4 Coupe M4 2dr 31.0 209 36 918 Quote
BMW M6 Convertible BMW M6 Convertible M6 2dr DCT 27.4 239 36 1638 Quote

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Car Leasing & Contract Hire prices for business are quoted net of VAT. Personal Car Leasing & Personal Contract Hire prices are inclusive of VAT. Lease rentals shown are based on 10,000 miles per annum, with an initital payment of 3 monthly rentals, without maintenance, inclusive of GVED (Road Tax) throughout the contract. Pictures shown may differ slightly from offer models. Please make sure you check all quotations carefully and ensure you have clearly written terms before entering into any vehicle contract. Our staff will always give you impartial advice.

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