Whitelisting and adding senders to your Address Book or Contacts

Spam email is a growing problem. Major ISPs and email services such as Yahoo!, MSN Hotmail, AOL and others are protecting themselves and their users from Spam by filtering mail. Unfortunately sometimes legitimate email, such as the ones we send you, may be blocked by mistake.

Normally this should not occur and you will receive our email without any problems. But in case there is a problem (such as our mail is not delivered to a proper mail folder, or worse yet doesn't get delivered at all), you can easily fix this yourself.

Outlook Express & Outlook

In Outlook right click the sender in the 'From' field and choose 'Add to Contacts'. In Outlook Express right click the email in list view and select 'Add Sender to Address Book'. Zone Alarm uses Mail Frontier to filter junk mail and it recognizes the above procedure.

On line email accounts

Major ISPs and Email Providers (such as Hotmail, AOL, Yahoo! etc.) enable you to manually allow ("whitelist") emails coming from the senders you trust by adding them to your address book or contacts list and some have developed sophisticated filtering programs.

Please take a moment to whitelist our email address to ensure that you can receive all of our email. This should guarantee that you will receive all e-mail from us.

Your knowledge can help others

If you know about specific ways of configuring on or off line email filters please let us know and we will post the information here for the benefit of others.

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